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Generic name: Dexamethasone

Brand names:

Amradekson, Arkodeksan, Kortadeks, Deazon, Dekakort, Dekakortin, Dekadin, Dekardan, Decardon, Dekasterolon, Dezometon, Deksakort, Dekamekortin, Deksametan, Deksazon, Dekson, Deksovel, Deksafer, Geksadekadrol, Geksadrol, Millikorten, Minikort, Novometazon, Ortadekson, Prenizolon F, Restikort, Steralol, Superprendol, Fortekortin, Detazon, Sondeks, Dakseen, Deksabene, Dektazon

How does Dexone work?:

Glycocorticoid hormone (hormone of the adrenal cortex, which influences on the carbohydrate and protein metabolism), with a strong anti-allergic and anti-inflammatory qualities (35 times more active that cortisone).


Circulatory collapse (sudden drop in blood pressure): shock during or after surgery, trauma, burns, myocardial infarction, blood loss. Severe infections: peritonitis (inflammation of the peritoneum), septicemia (blood poisoning form of micro-organisms), pneumonia (pneumonia), toxaemia (presence in the blood of toxins – substances that can cause illness or death of the organism), vascular collapse (sudden drop in blood pressure) with meningococcal disease (meningitis – inflammation of the meninges purulent), eclampsia (toxaemia second half of pregnancy), typhoid fever, influenza, diphtheria. Emergency allergic conditions: laryngeal edema, asthmatic status (prolonged attack of asthma, pyrogenic reactions (fever), dermatosis (skin diseases), transfusion serum, acute anaphylactic reactions (immediate type allergy) to medications (including antibiotics), is not amenable to treatment is usually applied to patients of medicines).


In the acute period of disease and early treatment, the Dexone is used in big doses. When reaching the effect the dosage is decreased every few days until a maintenance dose or until finishing of treatment. Dosage is individual. In severe cases, and early medication, patients are used by 10-15 mg per day, maintenance dose can be about 2-4,5 mg or more per day. In the treatment of adrenogenital syndrome (adrenal dysfunction, accompanied by enhanced secretion of male sex hormones) dose is selected depending on the allocation of 17-ketosteroids in the urine. Generally the effect is achieved with the appointment of 1-1,5 mg. Average daily dose of 2-3 mg divides into 2-3 doses. In the medication by small doses the medicine is prescribed once in the morning.


In protected from the light place.


Before using the drug, you should consult with your doctor.

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