Antibiotic Drugs

Make your Skin Healthy with Fusiderm B

Different types of dermatitis and a number of other skin health conditions may be cured with Fusiderm B. The remedy comprises two active components, Betamethasone topical 1.2mg, and Fusidic Acid topical 20mg.

Zithromax dispersible

Advantages of antimicrobial therapy with Zithromax dispersible: indications, side effects, precautions, and drug interactions.


Glycocorticoid hormone (hormone of the adrenal cortex, which influences on the carbohydrate and protein metabolism), with a strong anti-allergic and anti-inflammatory qualities (35 times more active that cortisone).

Ceclor Cd

Generic Ceclor Modified-Release is an antibiotic that is known as a popular delayed-release medicament. It prescribed for the treatment of certain infections like pneumonia and infections of the lungs, urinary tract, ears, skin and throat.

Antibiotic Resistance

The major mdr efflux pump of Escherichia co//belongs to the RND superfamily and consists of the pump AcrB, the membrane fusion protein AcrA, and the porin TolC. The expression of the genes acrAB is under control of the local repressor AcrR, while tolC and acrAB are additionally regulated by several global transcriptional activators, like MarA induced by salicylate, SoxS derepressed by oxidants, and by Rob directly activated by bile salts.

Order Amoxil (Amoxicillin) Without Prescription 500mg

Amoxicillin, an acid stable, semi-synthetic drug belongs to a class of antibiotics called the Penicillins (beta-lactam antibiotics). It is shown to be effective against a wide range of infections caused by wide range of Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria in both human and animals.

Penicillins: Side Effects

Another method of combating beta-lactamase-producing organisms has been the development of beta-lactamase inhibitors. Clinical experience with penicillins, especially penicillin G and the aminopenicillins, is extensive. These substances are rarely toxic, even when they are given in an extended range of dosages, making them invaluable for use in pregnant women and children.

Penicillins: Drug-Drug Interactions

High doses of parenteral penicillin can inactivate aminoglycosides. In patients receiving low doses of aminoglycosides because of reduced renal function this can be clinically important.

Penicillins: Drug Administration

Embolictoxic reactions to penicillin depot formulations were first described in patients with syphilis. The symptoms include fear of death, confusion, acoustic and visual hallucinations, and possibly palpitation, tachycardia, and cyanosis. Generalized seizures or twitching of the limbs have been observed in children and adults.