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Solosec. Essential Details on the Drug

Solosec is a product of the Lupin Pharmaceuticals, Inc. – an Indian pharmaceutical giant with a world name. This medication is applied in the therapy of protozoal and bacterial infections. Its active ingredient is called secnidazole. It is a synthetic antibiotic of a wide spectrum of action. The preparation is effective in the treatment of the diseases provoked by anaerobic bacteria, Giardia, amoebae, and Trichomonas.

Although Solosec is currently approved only for the therapy of bacterial vaginosis, this drug has a huge potential to treat other types of infection.

Solosec Mechanism of Action

Secnidazole belongs to the class of nitroimidazole derivatives. The Solosec mechanism of action is based on inhibiting the growth of bacteria by interfering with the processes of pathogen’s DNA synthesis. The active component of the drug, 5-nitroimidazole, enters the cell in the prodrug form (inactive). Under the influence of bacterial enzymes, the nitro group is reduced to radical anions, which actually affect the synthesis of the DNA.


Solosec Onset and Duration of Action

The two main questions patients usually ask about Solosec are how long does it take to work and how long does it last. Let’s start with the time the medication needs to come into effect.

The speed of onset of the drug’s effect depends on whether the medication is taken with low-calorie or high-fat food. In the first case, it takes Solosec 4 hours to reach peak plasma concentrations. A high-fat meal will increase it by 2 hours.

Solosec is detected in plasma within 96 hours of a single-dose administration. The elimination half-life of the drug is approximately 17 hours. Such long duration of action is one of the reasons why Solosec can be prescribed as a single-dose therapy.

How to Take the Medication?

To get a maximum effect from the treatment and prevent any side effects manifestations, it’s crucial to take the medication exactly as it is recommended by a healthcare professional.

Solosec comes in the form of oral granules. Each packet containing 2 g of the active component should be taken as a single dose. The granules should be sprinkled on yogurt, apple souse, or any other soft food before intake. The mixture should be eaten within 30 minutes after being prepared.

Why can’t Solosec be taken in any other way? Well, it’s all because of the taste. If you ask: “Does Solosec have a taste?” the answer will be yes, and it’s very bitter. You should never dissolve the granules in water or any other liquid as it may reduce the drug’s efficiency. Besides, you may be unable to take it because of the bitterness. Administer the granules whole. Do not chew or crush them. The medication can be taken regardless of meals.

Solosec Uses

Solosec is an antimicrobial agent. Its uncontrolled use may result in the development of drug resistance. It means that the bacteria won’t be susceptible to the effects of the preparation, and that will significantly complicate your treatment.

This preparation should only be taken on a doctor’s recommendation and following all his/her advice. In the United States, this preparation is only approved for the therapy of bacterial vaginosis. However, it appears to be highly efficacious in the treatment of a number of other diseases associated with bacterial and parasite infections. So don’t be surprised if your attending doctor will prescribe Solosec for amoebiasis, giardiasis, or trichomoniasis.

The main benefit of Solosec over other medicines applied in the treatment of bacterial vaginosis and other infections provoked by protozoal parasites and bacteria susceptible to the effects of the preparation is that a single dose of this drug can replace a week-long therapy with other medications.

The Use of Solosec in the Treatment of Bacterial Vaginosis

The American FDA approved Solosec for chronic BV and for acute cases of the disease based on the results of the clinical studies. The scientists claim Solosec to be efficient in 56 – 96% of cases with significant improvements in the clinical picture of the disease and microbiological test results. Intake of a single dose of Solosec appeared to be similarly effective as a five-day therapy with metronidazole 500 mg.

The studies also revealed that Solosec reduces the odds ratio of a bacterial vaginosis relapse in women with three or fewer episodes within the last year by 7.54. The odds ratio for women with four or more episodes of the disease in the last year equals 4.74.

You can’t use Solosec for yeast infection as the pathogen, provoking this disease is a fungus. Therefore, it won’t react to the therapy with an anti-microbial agent.

The Treatment of Amoebiasis with Solosec

The use of Solosec for amoebiasis therapy is not currently approved in the US. However, the drug showed an 80% to 100% cure rate in patients with the intestinal amoebiasis in the clinical studies. Therefore, some doctors prescribe this drug off-label to their patients. A single-dose administering of Solosec granules can effectively replace a course of treatment with other medications from the same class of drugs.

Except for intestinal amoebiasis, Solosec can also cure amebic liver abscess, a type of amoebiasis affecting the liver. Unlike the intestinal form of the disease, the liver abscess should be treated for 5 – 7 days. This regimen still needs to be studied properly.

Trichomoniasis Treatment with Solosec

Trichomoniasis is one of the most commonly diagnosed sexually transmitted diseases. About 3.7 million people in the USA alone are infected with 70% not knowing about it. When applying Solosec for trichomoniasis, the efficiency rate reaches 92 – 100% after taking a single dose of the drug.

The preparation effectively deals with the parasite Trichomonas vaginalis that causes the symptoms of the disease. Solosec works equally effective regardless of the organ affected by the pathogen (vulva, vagina, cervix, or urethra).

Solosec as a Cure for Giardiasis

The application of Solosec for giardiasis treatment is explained by its efficiency against G.lamblia – a parasite that provokes giardiasis symptoms. The drug helps cut abdominal pain and diarrhea caused by the infection.

To get rid of giardiasis, a single 2 g dosage of the medication is required. The percentage of patients who manage to cope with the disease following the mentioned dosing regimen reaches 80 – 100%.

Contraindications to Solosec Intake

Although the clinical practice shows that Solosec is relatively safe, some categories of patients should avoid its intake as it may result in severe allergic reactions and overall negative consequences for their health. Solosec is contraindicated in people with a known hypersensitivity to the active ingredient of the drug, any of its excipients, or other medications from the nitroimidazole group of drugs.

Lactating women should stop breastfeeding the babies for at least 96 hours after taking a single dose of Solosec. The medication is excreted into breast milk, and therefore, may cause adverse effects in the nursing baby.

It’s also not known whether the preparation is safe in patients under 18 years of age. Thus, its use in pediatrics is not recommended.

The long-term use of Solosec is not advised as well. The reason for it is the potential for carcinogenicity revealed during animal studies.

Intake with Caution

Solosec is generally well-tolerated. Still, to minimize the risks for adverse reactions, you should consult a doctor concerning the safety of using this drug in your separate case.

According to the FDA recommendations, Solosec may be used in pregnant women only when clearly needed. Such a requirement is related to a lack of evidence on the clinical safety of the medication use in this category of patients. Still, animal studies haven’t shown any risks for unborn babies.

It is advised to postpone immunization with certain types of vaccines when on Solosec because the drug may reduce their efficiency.

Vulvovaginal candidiasis is more common in women taking Solosec. If any of the disease symptoms appear (like genital itching, vaginal discharge, irritation), visit a doctor for antifungal medication treatment.

Hazardous Drug Interactions

Like with any other antibiotics, it is better to avoid mixing Solosec with alcohol-containing beverages. The concomitant intake of both substances may increase the risks for developing adverse effects or intensify their manifestations.

Interaction with tinidazole may result in the increased incidence of adverse reactions associated with the nervous system damage. Therefore, you should inform your healthcare provider about the intake of tinidazole before starting the treatment with Solosec.

Possible Adverse Effects

Solosec rarely induces any severe side effects. Usually, the manifestations of adverse reactions, if any, are light-to-moderate in nature. In clinical studies, about 29 – 30% of participants developed one or more side effects. The most common unwanted reactions to the preparation are as follows:

  • vaginal yeast infection;
  • headache;
  • nausea;
  • abdominal pain;
  • metal taste in the mouth;
  • diarrhea;

Any of the listed reactions is a reason to call your doctor for a consultation. If side effects persist or worsen, seek medical help. Severe side effects are extremely rare with Solosec, but still, they may happen. One of the most dangerous is a reaction of hypersensitivity. It shows through the swelling of the face, throat, tongue, and neck, accompanied by difficulty breathing. Immediate medical attention is required in such cases.

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