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Lomexin a Potent Antifungal

Lomexin is a drug applied in gynecological and dermatological praxis to treat a wide spectrum of fungal infections both intravaginal and those affecting external genitals. The medication can also be applied to other infected areas of the skin. It contains Fenticonazole nitrate as an active component.

What diseases may be cured with Lomexin?

Lomexin works by inhibiting a chemical, which is the basis of the fungal pathogens cell membrane. Due to this, the reproduction of pathogenic cells gets impossible. Hence, the disease may be taken under control. In addition, the medication has an anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effect.

To the ailments that Lomexin can cope with belong:

  • Vaginal candidiasis;
  • Mycosis exacerbated by the bacterial infection;
  • Vaginal trichomoniasis;
  • Fungal infections of the groin;
  • Fungal infections of the hairy part of the head;
  • Genital lichen;
  • Colored lichen.

What forms and dosages of Lomexin are available?

The drug is manufactured in two medical forms: vaginal capsules and cream. The capsules are applied in the therapy of Lomexin mucose vulvaire. The preparation is available in three strengths: Lomexin 200mg, 600mg, and 1000mg vaginal capsules.

Lomexin tablets

Lomexin cream contains 0.2%of the active ingredient. It may be applied either vaginally or topically, depending on the location of the fungal infection you have to deal with. This form of the remedy works for Lomexin herpes genital or Lomexin mucose pied.

What is the right dosing regimen and how to administer Lomexin?

The dose of the vaginal capsules should be set individually by your healthcare provider. Only a professional can determine the severity of the infection and distinguish between the pathogens, which provoked the disease.

For the therapy of vaginal yeast infection, doctors recommend a 200mg dose. Insert it into the vagina as deep as it is possible in the lying on the back position. The medication should be applied for three days in a row before sleep.

In case of severe fungal infection of the vagina, it is better to use a single 600mg dose. But if the symptoms remain the same, insert another capsule again three days after the first one. You should never violate the period between administering the vaginal capsules as it may result in overdose.

For the treatment of vaginal trichomoniasis, women need to administer 1000mg vaginal capsule of Lomexin twice. Yet it doesn’t mean that you have to use them the same day. There should be a 24-hour gap between the capsule’s intake. To make sure you have killed the infection and prevent its reoccurrence, repeat the same course 10 days later.

The tactic of using Lomexin in the form of a cream is a bit different. When applied vaginally, it has to be inserted into the vagina with the help of an applicator (comes with the cream) two times with an interval of 24 hours. Do it in the evening, before going to bed.

Twice daily application is recommended when using the cream topically. Clean and dry the affected areas before rubbing in the preparation.

Are there any contraindications to Lomexin use?

The medication is applied locally. Hence, it has no impact on the entire organism. This is the primary reason why Lomexin has the only contraindication – hypersensitivity to Fenticonazole, some other imidazole or any other component of the remedy.

What about the warnings?

Lomexin is not intended to be used in girls younger than 16. In case a woman older than 60 uses the preparation, close medical supervision is needed.

Women who have a regular sexual partner and don’t use barrier methods of contraception need to be treated together with the partner. It is needed because of the very high probability that a man is also infected. Hence, to avoid repeated episodes of the issue, both need to be cured.

Either vaginal capsules or cream Lomexin can increase the probability of barrier methods of contraception failure. The medications may affect the integrity of latex thus making it possible for a condom to break.

Before using Lomexin, inform your doctor about the infections you have had within the last 6 months if any. Besides, it is important to mention whether you or your partner have an STD in your medical history.

Is Lomexin safe during pregnancy?

The safety of prescribing Lomexin grossesse mycose treatment is still discussed. There’s not enough evidence of the drug’s safety during pregnancy, yet there are also not enough proofs that the preparation may possess any danger to the fetus.

Nevertheless, special attention should be given to pregnant women getting treated with Lomexin. Only a doctor can weigh all the possible risks and benefits for the expectant mother and the baby.

The same caution should be used if Lomexin needs to be applied during breastfeeding.

What are the possible side effects of the drug?

Due to poor systemic absorption, Lomexin can induce only local adverse reactions. The only exception is a reaction of hypersensitivity to the preparation. It may manifest via rash, urticaria, and reddening of the skin.

The most common Lomexin side effects are itching, burning and irritation in the area where the medication was applied. However, this reaction is short-termed and goes away after several minutes. There’s no need to stop the treatment as these effects are absolutely safe and don’t need medical attention.

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