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Antimicrobial therapy: general principles

A wide variety of antimicrobial agents is available to treat established infections caused by bacteria, fungi, viruses, or parasites. This section will cover the general principles of antimicrobial therapy and will also include illustrative clinical problems to emphasize proper decision-making in using antimicrobials.

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Clofazimine is administered orally. Clofazimine should be taken with a meal to maximize absorption of the drug. The usual adult dosage of clofazimine for the treatment of leprosy is 50-100 mg once daily. Clofazimine also is given in a dosage regimen that includes 50 mg once daily plus an additional 300-mg dose given once monthly.

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Clofazimine generally is well tolerated when given in dosages of 100 mg daily or less. The major adverse effects of the drug involve the skin, eyes, and GI tract. Discoloration of various body tissues and fluids occurs in most patients receiving clofazimine, apparently because clofazimine is a bright-red dye and crystals of the drug are distributed to and accumulate in these tissues and fluids.

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Clofazimine is used in rifampin-based multiple-drug regimens for the treatment of multibacillary and paucibacillary leprosy. The drug also has been used in the treatment and prevention of erythema nodosum leprosum (ENL) reactions (lepra type 2 reactions) in leprosy patients.