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Among the published studies some have specifically sought to define the pattern of adverse effects. In one such study, although a single dose of the drug was combined in some patients with diethylcarbamazine, the adverse effect pattern was similar to that when ivermectin was used alone. There now seem to be some circumstances in which a single low dose of ivermectin is sufficient to have a prolonged effect, for example in loaiasis a dose of 150 micrograms/kg resulted in a very much reduced level of microfilaria as much as a year later, and seemed to eliminate the infestation entirely in more than half the users. If further work confirms the validity of this approach, the adverse reactions problem may be lessened, since at these doses the few reactions experienced were limited to the skin and joints, although some calabar-like swellings were also noted.

Nitrofurantoin: Side Effects

Nitrofurantoin is a synthetic nitrofuran that belongs to a group of organic substances characterized by a heterocyclic ring consisting of four carbon atoms and one oxygen atom. Its mechanism of action is not understood. Nitrofurans enter bacterial cells and interact with several enzymes; thereby inhibiting bacterial growth. Nitrofurantoin is active against many Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria.

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Ofloxacin ophthalmic is one of the medications to treat bacterial infections of the eye. The main active ingredient is also used in the Ofloxacin ear drops, which proved their effectiveness over time. Both remedies are to be applied with precaution and according to the prescription.

Doxycycline: Side Effects

Minocycline and doxycycline are predominantly eliminated by the liver and biliary tract (70-90%). Therefore, no change in dose is needed in patients with impaired renal function. However, it should be considered that hepatic elimination of doxycycline or minocycline might be accelerated by co-administration of agents that induce hepatic enzymes.

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After oral administration, famciclovir is well absorbed (systemic availability 77%), with little intersubject variability, and is rapidly converted to penciclovir. This compares favorably with aciclovir, the absorption of which is slow and incomplete, with a highly variable systemic availability of only 10-20%.

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The syndrome of pseudotumor cerebri consists of symptoms and signs of raised intracranial pressure in the absence of neuroimaging or cerebrospinal fluid abnormalities. Most cases are idiopathic, but several drugs have been implicated as causative or contributory. The first description of minocycline-related pseudotumor cerebri was published in 1978. Further data have been published concerning 12 patients who developed pseudotumor cerebri after taking standard doses of minocycline for acne vulgaris.

Itraconazole: Side Effects

Itraconazole is a triazole antifungal drug. It is used orally to treat oropharyngeal and vulvovaginal candidiasis, pityriasis versicolor, dermatophytoses unresponsive to topical treatment, and systemic infections, including aspergillosis, blastomycosis, chromoblastomycosis, cocci-dioidomycosis, cryptococcosis, histoplasmosis, paracocci-dioidomycosis, and sporotrichosis.