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Pregnant, bladder infection and antibiotics

Question from Nancy

I am now 13 weeks pregnant. I have been fighting a bladder infection now for five weeks. been put on two different antibiotics but after a few days of finshing the medication, the symptoms return. I am now again needing to get more anitbiotics. I am drinking plenty of water, and completly empting my bladder (very often).

My question: Could my pregnancy be the cause of this continuing problem? AND If these antibiotics are not working to kill the infection, what do I do?

Dear Nancy:

Your pregnancy is not causing the bladder infections. You may not be able to completely treat the bacteria during the pregnancy, however, just being able to keep them suppressed is normally good enough. Keep on working on it, and I am sure that your doctor will find an antibiotic that will do the job and be “baby-safe” as well.

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