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Antibiotics and Alcohol

Question from Susan of CT, USA

When taking an antibiotic, is there a general rule to follow regarding the intake of alcohol or would this depend upon the particular antibiotic in question?

In particular, I was advised against taking alcohol while taking doxycycline while nothing was said about alcohol regarding KEFLEX.

Dear Susan:

An excellent question. Alcohol in general is not contraindicated with antibiotics, with many exceptions. For example FLAGYL and many monobactam antibiotics combined with alcohol are a bad mix and can cause severe nausea and headaches. Alcohol and INH combination may be liver toxic. Doxycycline and many other medications maybe irritating to the stomach, as can alcohol, and this may lead one to suggest not taking together. Otherwise I see no contraindications with doxycyxline. Also, alcohol combined with a medication that depresses the function of the brain could be very dangerous.

Always consult you pharmacist or physician when you wish to take alcohol with any medication.

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