Common Variable Immune Deficiency

A relative has been diagnosed with “common variable immune deficiency”, after losing 100 pounds with chronic diarrhea and after countless tests. What is it; how is it treated; who/where are the experts? Common variable immunodeficiency is one of several genetically based immune deficiency syndromes (as opposed to an acquired immunodeficiency such as AIDS). The syndrome is characterized by low gamma globulins, recurrent bacterial infections, and increased incidence of malignancy.

Ear Infection

I have a 8 month old daughter who since the age of 4 months has had reoccurring ear infection in the right ear only, she never has any fever, or cold symptoms. Her pediatrician has treated them with amoxicillin and sulfa drugs as a preventative, but 2-3 days later she has another infection. The ENT wants to put bilateral ear tubes in. Is she too young? and are there any other options open that you could point in the direction of.

Beta Hemolytic Strep

My daughter is expecting her second child (13 weeks pregnant). Her doctor has diagnosed her with “beta hemolytic strep”. She has been through several courses of antibiotics, and the infection persists. What are the dangers to the infant? How likely are those outcomes? What is the danger to my daughter?

Prevent strep throat

It is possible to prevent strep throat. In people who have had complications of strep infection, such as rheumatic fever or recurrent cellulitis (strep infection of the lower extremities), daily preventative (prophylactic) doses of penicillin can be taken indefinitely.

Symptoms of Shigella dysentery

My daughters’ school has sent home a note telling us that there is a serious problem with a bacterial infection called Shigella in her school and others in our county. I have heard that is can be dangerous so I would love your input on this problem. My daughter does not have it but I want to know everything about it in case it does happen.

Chronic ear infections

I have a one year old daughter who seems to have chronic ear infections. She has taken numerous antibiotics. Each one seems to clear up the ear infection only to come back very soon.

Antithyroid Drugs

Have you been prescribed to take Antithyroid drugs? Check what Antithyroid medication is and how it works. Find out what side effects this group of drugs may cause to be aware of all the possible dangers and risks and avoid them successfully.

Antiprotozoal Drugs

Malaria is caused by protozoan parasites of the genus Plasmodium. Infected Anopheles mosquitoes transmitted the parasite to humans during blood feeding. The infective stages are the sporozoites, which invade liver cells where they replicate to form merozoites.